Puddlekins fitted nappies

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Puddlekins fitted nappies

Postby megansmummy » Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:04 pm

Normal price £15-19.00 (depending on fabric choices / night or day nappy etc) Side snap is more money but as i havent tried one I cant review it...so my review is based on the front snapping, one size nappy :)

Reliability: 10
Absorbancy: 10
Cuteness: 10
Drying Speed: 8
Slimness: 8
Value for money: 9

Overall: Highly Recommended!

Nappy materials:
There is a choice on the website between organic bamboo velour and cotton sherpa for the nappy core. Inner material can be your choice of Minkee (which is so yummy), fleece or OBV and finally the outter can be OBV, knit print or minkee :)

When i first tried the nappy I was a little disapointed as it was very wide in the crotch, however the design has now been jigged about and the crotch is narrower which is great for us as our little boy is still quite small!

I now have a minkee outter one and 10 knit print ones and i love them, they are our favourite nappies by far.
Absorbancy wise, our son has last 4 hours at least in one and probably would go longer if i let him! I have used the minkee outter one overnight with good sucess aswell (boosted with bamboo and hemp...niether of which were particularly wet in the morning so i probably could have done without).
Both the boosters that come with the nappy are now loose and not poppered in, personally I find this gives the nappy a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to absorbancy...for a little baby you could use one of the boosters or two when needed, it also means that you can fold the boosters however you wish. For example I fold one booster in half and put that in the front of the nappy and then put the other one on top of that one...which gives us alot of absorbancy...but if i needed a trimmer nappy or he was only going to have it on for an hour or so then i could just put one of the boosters in!
The knit prints are very cute and allow you to customise your nappy collection...I only had white little lambs and pink bumgenius (yes i know...they were left over from DD!! :giggle: ) and now we have some really cute prints!
The nappy is birth to potty with a fold over feature at the front for little babies (the same as goodmamas).
Its a UK WAHM nappy so i like the fact that im buying UK made products and that they havent travelled half way around the world!
Puddlekins customer service is absolutly brilliant...Emma has put up with enough emails from me asking questions/making requests and generally pestering her! :oops:

umm maybe the price but considering the birth to potty feature and the materials/quality...oh and also the fact that I want more and Dh wont let me!! :giggle:

An excellent nappy, well made, super customer service!
I will review the night nappy seperatly :wink:

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