Review: Motherease Organic One Size

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Review: Motherease Organic One Size

Postby ramsons » Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:34 pm

Manufacturer: Motherease
Nappy Name: Motherease Organic One Size Nappy
Type of Nappy: Shaped, Birth to potty
Fastener: Poppers
Material: Organic Cotton
Size: Birth to potty

Reliability: 7
Absorbancy: 7
Cuteness: 4
Drying Speed: 7
Slimness: 4
Value for money: 6

Overall Comment: Change bag nappy

Detailed Comments:

If you want an organic one size nappy, and aren't bothered about price, this isn’t the nappy I’d recommend.
If price is an issue then, its ok, but just ok. It isn’t awful, but there’s a whole other world to nappies out there and I really wish Motherease would improve the cut and styling of these nappies.

The binding around the legs is a nice feature and gives the nappy a good fit around the legs. Compared to the price of other organic birth to potty nappies, these are fairly reasonably priced, but the pop in booster isn't included which you will need on an older baby. it seems a little daft that they aren‘t sold with these as a matter of course.
Drying time isn’t bad.
Being natural in colour they give your washing line that nice traditional clean nappy look!

The fit of this nappy is very wide between the legs. It looks huge on a newborn or very young baby. Even on our 18month old it is big, infact the width between the legs is bigger than some of my fitted, size large nappies. My other half simply refuses to use them now.
These nappies never worked for us overnight.
The outside poppers are on the binding on the sides of the nappy and on ours with age and washing the binding curls round these poppers with use making them fiddly to use sometimes.
They have the resale value of a two week old half eaten sandwich, Motherease one size nappies are ubiquitous, they lurk in a cupboards and nappy drawers everywhere…

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