Green sprout baby nighty nights review

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Green sprout baby nighty nights review

Postby mamaellie » Fri Nov 06, 2009 4:36 pm


"Super thirsty, our night time diapers are made of 10 thirsty layers.
The shell is made of 3 full layers, plus a 7 layer soaker snapped in.
Night time diapers also have a slightly higher rise.
Next to skin layer is made of Bamboo Organic Cotton Velour."

Mine (pink velour outer, bv inner, brown details in size M/L): Image

Reliability: mark out of 10: 7*
Absorbancy: mark out of 10: 6*
Cuteness: mark out of 10: 9
Drying Speed: mark out of 10: 8
Slimness: mark out of 10: 10 *
Value for money: mark out of 10:10
* - rated against other nappies specifically for nights


Overall Comment:

Recommended (for daytime heavy wetters or nighttime light to moderate wetters)

Pros: cute and customisable, reasonably priced, lovely soft squishy obv inner (you can get obv outer, too, for an extra £3), soaker in two parts to make quicker drying, front snapping and very adjustable.

Cons: not quite up to very heavy wetters overnight (although trim enough to use as a day nappy for heavier wetters), not the fastest drying nappy (but about average for night nappies)

Detailed Comments:
I should say first that Juliet is a very heavy wetter-- her night nappy goes on around 7:30 and gets changed when she wakes for an early morning feed around 5:30-6 (she goes back to sleep after), and she wees through disposables in that time easily to the point where it leaks out and wets through her sleeping bag. So our needs in a night nappy are pretty demanding.

I found the green sprout baby website on their etsy store and was really taken by the prints and liked that they were obv inners, and decided to try a print and a nighty night as we were really struggling to find an overnight nappy. The price was really good-- I paid £27 including postage from the US for two nappies (although I think the price of these has gone up a few dollars in the last month, but you would still pay around £19 for one including postage, so pretty reasonable.)

My first impression when it came was that it was waaayyy too thin to be a good night nappy. When I sat it next to my WNNN and puddlekins NN, it was about half the thickness, but I gave it a wash to see if it would fluff up any. It did a little, but was still about the same thickness as many of my day nappies. The crotch is also very narrow, which will definitely suit some babies better than mine, but I like lots of coverage in a night nappy.

We tried it overnight and had soaked wool, soaked pyjamas and soaked sleeping bag (this with its snap-in soakers and an EP hemp booster). Washed a few more times and tried again with 2 boosters, but the nappy itself was still sodden by morning and I wasn't terribly impressed with the level of wetness against her bum. More washes have helped a little (she wore it for longer than expected the other day during a long nap and it held up fine), but I'm still not using it overnight.

If you can use a goodmama boosted overnight, this will probably be good for you, but I have to say it doesn't really hold a candle to our WNNNs.

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