Wild Child Night Nappy Review

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Wild Child Night Nappy Review

Postby Kirstyh » Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:13 pm


Manufacturer Wildchild
Nappy Name Dreamy Plus
Type of Nappy Fitted/shaped (night nappy)
Fastener Front fastening popper
Material OBV
Size BTP

Reliability: mark out of 10 - 10
Absorbancy: mark out of 10 - 9
Cuteness: mark out of 10 - 9
Drying Speed: mark out of 10 - 7
Slimness: mark out of 10 - 9
Value for money: mark out of 10 - 9

Overall Comment: *

Highly recommended

Gracie has a Dreamy plus Wildchild Night nappy. It comes with 3 snap in boosters in the piggyback system (they all popper onto each other), one is fleece topped, one hemp and one microfibre which I remove. This is an excellent night nappy, I do have to boost is a bit but not overly so and 9 time out of 10 it is only just damp on the outside in the morning. It is very cute squishy dyed OBV and considering it's realibiltiy is a pretty slim nappy.
The main down side for me is drying time, it does take longer than all our other night nappies but we have a good rotation so it's not a problem. Michelle's customer service is excellent

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Re: Wild Child Night Nappy

Postby sezzlebum » Mon Feb 22, 2010 12:07 pm

Manufacturer Wildchild
Nappy Name Dreamy Night
Type of Nappy Night Nappy
Fastener Front Snaps
Material OBV
Size BTP-Standard

Reliability: 10
Absorbancy: 10
Cuteness: 10
Drying Speed: 8
Slimness: 9
Value for money: 9

Overall Comment:

Detailed Comments:

i ordered the standard size dreamy night nappy in sugared licorice, i love it, its beautiful, so squidgy and soft :giggle:
i was eager so put her in it straight away, im glad i did as i was able to see the HUGE leg gape caused by the boosters,
the nappy fit lovely around the waist but way to many boosters for us so i experimented and removed 2 of them, which reduced but didnt get rid of the leg gape. I would say these are about as trim as bedbugs, unless you use all the boosters which would make a huge bum
here is my model making a quick getaway to the playstation


it lasted 3 hours without a prewash and as you can see in the pic, wasnt too bulky as she could move about at her usual lightening speed.
After washing it took 2 days to dry on an airer over a radiator :shock: and it didnt feel as squidgy so i put it in the dryer for 10 mins to soften up,
When we finally got to use it at night (i say finally because i attempted to use this three times and everytime i put it on her she filled it within an hour.... contains poop well :giggle: ) it coped really well from 8 until 8 in a pul wrap, usually i use fleece wraps but they were in the wash, to be honest though i think the fleece would have leaked as the nappy was reaaaaaally damp in the morning.
Overall i think its a great night nappy, it just takes a bit to sort the leg gaping out.

i used it last night with a fleece wrap and the wrap was dry, the outside of the nappy was just damp, not heavy damp though so thumbs up there :wine:

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Re: Wild Child Night Nappy

Postby rachel » Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:28 am

Manufacturer - Wildchild
Nappy Name - Dreamy night nappy PLUS (DNN+)
Type of Nappy - Fitted night nappy
Fastener - Front fastening snaps
Material - OBV
Size - BTP plus size

Reliability: mark out of 10 - 10
Absorbancy: mark out of 10 - 10
Cuteness: mark out of 10 - 10
Drying Speed: mark out of 10 - 6
Slimness: mark out of 10 - 8
Value for money: mark out of 10 - 8

Overall comment: Highly recommended

Detailed comments:

I rather luckily managed to manged to nab one of these instock from Jabula a few weeks back. I was a bit reluctant at first, because of the price, but had only heard good things about them so was very willing to give it a try as Evie is a very heavy-wetter and still has at least 2 :bf: in the night but no nappy change.
Well I wasn't disappointed!

When it arrived I couldn't believe how soft, squishy, trim but absorbant it looked. The nappy itself has an inner bamboo body and is completely fleece lined. It comes with one main insert (fleece-topped) and two extra piggyback snap-on inserts (bamboo fleece and microfibre) which can be added/ removed to tailor to your needs. I was keen to give it a go so tried it on the first night unwashed but boosted. The outer of the nappy was only slightly damp and the little weed I had used to boost was barely damp. First impression was this is one very absorbant nappy. It is trim between the legs as the inserts are so narrow, although due to the depth of all the inserts on top of each other it certainly does give the J-lo bum look! The inserts are also very long and so can be folded to the front , which I did as Evie is a tummy sleeper.
After a first wash I was keen to try it again without the boosting. Again the outer of the nappy was barely damp.
I did have a few fitting issues as Evie is skinny with skinny legs. I can overlap when fastening up the front but found that by morning it had slipped down and we had serious leg-gape.
The third time we used it I only fastened it to meet in the middle, so it was a bit slack but I knew it would probably not come down so much. I also removed one of the microfibre inserts as I though this would not make a huge difference to the absorbancy. The fiddling did the trick as it was still fitting nicely by morning, and this time not even damp on the outside :wine:
The only con with this nappy, I feel, is the drying time. On a sunny day on the line, by the end of the day when all other nappies were dry, this was still damp in places so needed leaving on the airer overnight. Drying inside it has taken up to 48 hours. This is not a problem to me as it is used in large rotation and would certainly not put me off buying another :D

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