Minki Huggle Review

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Minki Huggle Review

Postby babylovesdisco » Mon Jun 28, 2010 9:27 pm


Minki Huggle.

Manufacturer: Minki Nappies
Name: Huggle
Type: Night nappy/ Heavy wetter
Fastening: Popper/ Nippa/Aplix
Material: Cotton Terry outer & sewn in booster, Polyester polar fleece inner
Sizes: NB 5-10lb
S 8-16lb
L 15-35lb
XL 30lb+

Reliablilty 9/10
Absorbancy 10/10
Cuteness 7/10
Drying Speed 8/10
Slimness 6/10
Value for money 10/10

Overall Comment: Highly recomended

Detailed Comment:
This amazing nappy is made on the Scottish islands & is well known for its absorbancy. It is mainly used as a night nappy & in my opinion is unbeatable for a heavy wetting, long sleeping baby. My son drinks around 14oz milk at bedtime, sleeps for about 12 hours & still no leaks! It is reliable at poo containment even when wet.
The nappy is designed with a sewn in booster & a space to add even further boosting if required eg. a prefold/hemp insert. I find the pocket large enough to contain a smaller fitted nappy without compromising the overall fit; just makes it rather bulky! The fleece lining throughout is reassuringly thick & stays soft wash after wash.
Available in a number of colours & choice of fastening to suit the user. Wings are superbly adjustable to cater for different baby shapes.
Considered by some to be slow drying, this can shortened by turning the nappy inside out to enable the inner layer to dry. In my opinion it is quicker drying than obv type nappies & softens beautifully without shrinking if given an occasional blast in the tumble dryer.
The huggle is fantastic value for money retailing at around a third or less of the price of other (cuter looking) night nappies.
Only downsides are that it is a bulky nappy & needs generously sized soaker/longies to cover it & that its second hand value seems lower compared to other night nappies.

If its competitively priced reliabilty & super absorbancy you need- the "Huggle" is the one for you!


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