Luscious Little Somethings Super Wetter Night Nappy Review

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Luscious Little Somethings Super Wetter Night Nappy Review

Postby tanya » Sun Aug 29, 2010 7:46 pm


Manufacturer: Luscious Little Somethings (LLS)
Nappy Name: Super Wetter Night nappy
Type of Nappy: Fitted
Fastener: Poppers/snaps
Material: Mix of heavy bamboo fleece, bamboo hemp fleece and zorb - lots and lots of them!!
Size: Large

Reliability: 10/10
Absorbancy: 9/10
Cuteness: 10/10
Drying Speed: 7/10
Slimness: 5/10
Value for money:10/10


(The second picture shows 2 lay-in booster. The version being sold will contain one lay-in booster as standard, with the option to purchase more)

Overall Comment: Highly recommended - especially if you have a seriously heavy wetter

Detailed Comments: Wow, a night nappy to cope with Bella's seriously heavy wetting!! When I say it's tough to find night nappies that work for my 3 year old, I'm not kidding. She can seriously out-wee practically everything I have ever tried. This is only the second "manufacturer" I have found who can make nappies to this kind of specification. (I use manufacturer very loosely as this is a WAHM).

As with all LLS products, this has a beautiful dyed outer (which can be to your specification) and then is stuffed full of the absorbant materials. The main body of the nappy is kind if quilted (don't know how else to describe it - it's how it feels when I shove my hand in the pocket!) and very thick. There's no two ways to say this - it's a bulky nappy, but that's kind of expected for this level of absorbancy.

But, with this level of absorbancy comes the very long drying time. I'm lucky, I have a tumble dryer. But even after 3 hours in the tumble dryer (on low of course ;) ), it's still not dry and needs at least a further 24 hours hanging up to fully dry.

The nappy is supplied with 2 snap-in inserts and 1 lay-in booster as standard. Further boosters can be purchased if required - although I'd very much doubt any little ones are going to need that level of absorbancy!!

I want more!!

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