Thirsties Fab Fitted review

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Thirsties Fab Fitted review

Postby garden_mad_mum » Thu Oct 28, 2010 10:43 pm

Manufacturer: Thirsties
Nappy Name:Fab Fitted
Type of Nappy:Shaped
Fastener: Aplix
Material:Inner layers: 100% polyester
Outer layer: 15% polyester, 85% cotton

Size: 1

Reliability: mark out of 10
Absorbency: mark out of 9
Cuteness: mark out of 10
Drying Speed: mark out of 10
Slimness: mark out of 8
Value for money: mark out of 10
Use N/A if that category is not appropriate to what you are reviewing.

Overall Comment:

Used these on advice from a supplier when I desperately needed a fast drying nappy due to having 2 little ones in nappies and no tumble dryer. They dry SO fast, a matter of hours. No folding required, no boosters to fold about or fit. The nursery thought they were in heaven after having used TOTSBOTS in the past. I loved them and do not have a bad word to say. Importantly they kept a good resale value, mine sold within hours of being on the site. As to cuteness there is a great range of colours in nappies and wraps that cute is guaranteed.

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