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Fishnoodles wrapper

Postby fivefourfour » Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:16 am

Reliability: 9
Absorbancy: n/a
Cuteness: 10
Drying Speed: 10
Slimness: 8
Value for money: 9

Overall comment: One of the best - everyone should have one!

We bought a couple of fishnoodles wrappers as a present for my godson as he mum wasn't keen on the applix on the TB wraps we had used. There is a large selection of plain colours and patterns, and all nappies are available as a wrapper (side snap) or a snapper (front snap). The are sized as S, M, M-long and L. There is a large selection of instock items - usually around 5 plain colours and 5 patterned per style per size.

The two small wrappers we ordered arrived very quickly, and we were all impressed with them. The fabric is great quality, thicker than I was used to, but not rigid. The colours and patterns were bold and bright, the blue turtle patterned wrapper was edged with a co-ordinating blue, and the plain navy wrapper was edged with a contrasting red.

The wrap fitted well over both the neat muttaqin fitteds and the big fluffles that he wore, and provided enough room to boost for night time use. The small is designed to fit from newborn to 4 months, and Teddy wore it from 3 days to 14 weeks, and in that time, there was only one leak when the snaps hadn't quite snapped, and it loosened as he moved. The snaps were quite stiff, but that was quite reassuring.

The plain colours are $12.95 (£8.40 ish) and the patterns are $14.95 (£9.70 ish). Factoring in postage costs you are looking at spending between £11-15, I would think.

fishnoodles are a great example of WAHM products; the customer service was first class, and the product was eye catching, well made and did the job brilliantly. I would recommend this wraps without hesitation.

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