Busy Bottomz Training pants

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Busy Bottomz Training pants

Postby Vigornia » Thu Jul 14, 2011 11:58 am


Manufacturer: Busy Bottomz
Nappy Name: Training pants
Type of Nappy: Training pants
Fastener: Pull up
Material: terry/microfibre with pul/cotton outer
Size: 3-4T

Reliability: 10
Absorbency: 10
Cuteness: 10
Drying Speed: 7
Slimness: 10
Value for money: 10


When Rose was not getting the idea of potty training, I tried many many types of training pants, but none of them did the job. Most either could not hold a full wee without leaking everywhere, or just didn't catch it in the first place. The best of the bunch was motherease, but the problem with these is the bagginess, which is really not needed in a pull up. Now my thoughts have turned to training pants again for nighttime as a nappy is a bit much for Rose these days, and taking it on and off in the night is a faff.

I found Busybottomz on Hyena cart and etsy, run by an American WAHM, making pockets and trainers. She has a lovely range of fabric prints for borders. I ordered an owl print with extra overnight layer, which means they do take a little longer to dry than the daytime version. The main body of the trainers is PUL, with a cotton border print sewn on top. The sides panels are made of cotton jersey, and the edgings are FOE. The insides are flannel, terry and microfibre.

When it arrived, I was impressed by how well made it was. It looked very professional. The fit was perfect, and very trim. The inside fabric (against Rose's bottom) is a soft cotton fleece-like fabric, and Rose found them very comfortable. She found them very easy to pull up and down, thanks to the stretchy cotton jersey sides. When they were put to the test, they caught and held a full wee. The insides were wet and the outside was dry! I think there was room for another wee in there too.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for training pants, I'm totally thrilled to finally have some that do the job and look great!

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