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Clean and green

Postby MissFrodo » Sun Jul 23, 2017 2:13 pm

Like I think most of us, or hope most of us, I try to use as much green not nasty harsh stuff as possible for a good price as I'm not that rich.

What do you use for householdstuff?
I recently discovered the A Good Clean Naturally stuff at Action and bought their alpurpose cleaner and the kitchencleaner, fab stuff for a good price.
Really curious about the Ecos Laundry Liquid but as the AH Puur line was on sale I took 2 bottles of that one. I also like the Ecover range for laundry and home.
Did anyone tried Seepje yet? It's on my list for a long time, really need to try it someday I guess :giggle:
I tried making my own stuff for a while but it's not that easy to get the ingredients so most times I just buy something.

For hair I use Lush Waves (love love love it) no more need of stylingproducts, no conditioner and the beach effect with just a blowdryer.

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