Just curious - how "crunchy" are you?

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Just curious - how "crunchy" are you?

Postby ladybird » Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:26 am

Just wondering how eco/green/"crunchy" people are here?

We recycled as much as we can, right down to cartons and putting bread bags in with the plastic bag recycling.
We use natural cleaning products and toiletries.
We use cloth everything (think about it ;) )
We use homeopathy, herbalism and other natural forms of self-medicating. This doesn't mean we don't see the Dr as needed though.
Last year we sold our car in favour of public transport and walking! Dh cycles and gets the train to work. We hire a car for camping holidays and find it works out cheaper year round and far less hassle than having to worry about when the car is going to break down, etc.
We do our shopping on foot. Yes, dh and I both use a granny trolley : :giggle: It's a funky pink retro one and dh is a little obsessed with using it at every available opportunity :hohoho: And of course we have cloth bags, I have some FAB ones that seem to hold more than I can carry.
We buy WAHM wherever possible. Pretty much everything apart from shoes and food I think. And furniture, etc. But clothes, toys, toiletries, etc as much as we can.
We home educate,
I breastfed all 3 boys
I used a sling with all 3, although more so with Ocean.
Buy A rated appliances
Buy some organic
Grow our own veg in the summer (only a tiny veg patch though, as we have a teeny garden)
We have a composter and use a bokashi system enabling us to compost ALL food waste.
Have energy saving light bulbs
Keep our heating levels low, insulate our house well (but not overly so it causes problems)
We boycott a few companies who we don't agree with, Nestle being the main one.
We have a waterbutt
We don't have a tumble drier.

I'm sure I'll think of something else. We're all about looking after the planet for future generations, as well as giving our children the best we can in terms of health, knowledge, etc.
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Re: Just curious - how "crunchy" are you?

Postby megansmummy » Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:36 am

I wouldnt say that we are VERY crunchy...we try though :oops:

*We use cloth nappies and wipes (although Megan wears a sposie now at nighttime...as she is pt'd in the day...)
*we eat as much organic food as we can afford
*i use a sling with Kieren but i do also use the pram if i want to
*I use natural cleaning products as much as i can...although i know i can do better :wink:
*we recycle in terms of metal/plastic.cardboard/paper/food and garden waste (would like a composterer so i could do the veggie peelings that way and re-use in the garden
*I walk everywhere but i dont drive so i have no choice about that :giggle:
*I am branching into WAHM stuff as much as funds will allow...i love the idea of using all WAHM clothing etc but i do find it more expensive (naturally, i dont have a problem with this and it just shows the time and efforst that goes into making items) but our funds are very limited and so i do what i have to do...
* I bf'd both babies untill 3 months (well megan was just short of 3 months) but both babies were then put on formula for various reasons

Hmmm cant think of anything else but if i do then i will edit it! :wink:

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Re: Just curious - how "crunchy" are you?

Postby becky1978 » Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:40 am

Here's me, will add as I think of any more

Cloth nappies and wipes obviously!
Recycle/reuse everything
Buy local produce as much as possible
Walk, use public transport most of the time
Buy/sell second hand items
Have an obsession with landfill (i.e not sending anything that I can help of to it)
Knit own clothes
Wash at 30 degrees or less except nappies
Use natural cleaning products
Use natural beauty products
Use reusable bags
Buy A rated appliances
Batch cook to save energy
Save energy as much as possible in the house
Use sling mainly
Prepare own baby food (well not much preparation really as we BLW!)
BF DS 1 til 15 months, stil BFing Archie now at 12 months

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Re: Just curious - how "crunchy" are you?

Postby nic1 » Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:42 am

Not very 'crunchy' according to your lists!! We do our best though and that is all we can do! :wink: :wink:

I don't use cloth now as Evie gets too sore, we only use one nappy overnight now and would love that to be cloth but Evies comfort has to come first and foremost! :wink:
I use CSP and washable wipes
We recycle
We put all food waste in the compost bin we have

ETA: Wash clothes at 30/40 degrees MAX
Energy saving bulbs
Loft insulation

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Re: Just curious - how "crunchy" are you?

Postby ladybird » Wed Jan 06, 2010 10:50 am

nic1 wrote: We do our best though and that is all we can do! :wink: :wink:

We can all do more though Nic, that's one the reasons I started the thread, for more ideas to improve on ;) Anything is better than nothing, but if we open our minds and make tiny changes we can make a big difference.

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Re: Just curious - how "crunchy" are you?

Postby eviesmummy » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:03 am

Hmmm - I dont think of myself as crunchy, I just dont like waste :wink:

We used cloth nappies and wipes and liners
We recycle as much as possible, cardboard, paper, glass, cans, plastics etc.,
Compost all our veg peelings, tea bags, egg-shells etc., and re-use as much garden waste as poss through composting or using the grass cuttings as mulch around the hedge
We cant really walk anywhere as we live very rurally and it would take 2 days to walk to the town :giggle: but we do have quite a new, small engined car that has low emissions
When ds1 outgrows his clothes they go to DS2, and when he outgrows them they get passed on
When Evie outgrows her clothes, they either go on Ebay or to the charity shop so they are reused
Old toys, etc., are all passed on, very little gets thrown away
I use CSP, dont use kitchen paper (though dh does), use as little tin foil and cling film as possible
A rated washing machine, wash on a 40o wash mostly rather than the 60o I used to! Tumble dryer died over Christmas, but beforehand I was only using it when totally necessary
Energy saving lightbulbs
I moved a sofa into the dining area of the kitchen, so its more a family room now and we save energy by living in there during the day - smaller tv, easier to keep that room cosy with a gas heater rather than heating 12 odd rooms with the oil,
Use natural cleaning products
Use reusable shopping bags
We eat organic veg when we can afford it, though when I get the opportunity I go to the market in town to get my fresh organic fruit and veg there and support local growers
We get our shopping online, as not only is it cheaper :wink: but I figure its better for one van to be on the road delivering to 20 houses, than have 20 cars on the road

Sadie xx
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Re: Just curious - how "crunchy" are you?

Postby megansmummy » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:03 am

Ooooh i forgot to list CSP!

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Re: Just curious - how "crunchy" are you?

Postby freckle » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:05 am

We don't do as much as we should but:

Cloth nappies and wipes,
Walk/cycle more than drive,
Cut down on heating/water/elec
Buy local food as much as poss
Batch cook (more for costs than anything else)
Reusable bags

I'm sure there are others but not coming to mind lol

How is sling wearing eco? I sling Oz alot but not sure what makes it green.

Haven't heard of 'crunchy' before :giggle:

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Re: Just curious - how "crunchy" are you?

Postby clairelou88 » Wed Jan 06, 2010 11:09 am

were defiantly not as "GREEN" as we could be, but we defiantly try and could improve :)

use cloth nappies/wipes
recycle everything!! and i hate to see food/peelings goto waste so they goto the pigs :)
we live on a farm so we eat all are own meat/eggs etc.
we did try growing are own veg, we managed growing sweet corn,runner beans, carrots and potatosand beetroot hopefully more this year :wine:
Breast feeding my baby still and he eats the same food as us(all fresh meat/veg)
reusable bags

what we need to improve on:

we have 2 cars and a van :oops: so not eco there(especially as 1 of the cars i only got last week) but we do live in the middle of no where so all country roads/tracks to the nearest bus stop! not that thats any excuse! i think when alister is older he can go on the back of our bikes.
i havint csp maybe i should try?
eco products, im a cleanaholica and love my bleach mr sheen and detol spray :oops: im sure i could try changing them if there supposed to be as good?
cut down on heating gas
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