SPD - Symphysis Pubis Disfunction

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Re: SPD - Symphysis Pubis Disfunction

Postby clothmama » Sat May 06, 2017 7:33 am

littlesez wrote:Just read properly and you've had chiro so not helpful! What have docs said is it worth having some investigation like scans and such ? Maybe some yoga would help. Xx

Well that isn't true actually the chiro really did help at the end of my pregnancy @littlesez , I was much, much better after my sessions with her (wished I'd gone earlier) and kept going until after the birth. then when we came to the UK I decided to give an osteopath a go and I think she helped a bit too but it never went away. When we got out here I looked into it and couldn't afford the osteopath and I can have 10 sessions with the physio covered so thought I'd give her a try. I've just been hopeless and let it all slide for so long which I'm sure hasnt' helped as I can feel the muscles all over my hips / thighs and lower back just so tight with lumps as well (I'd say over compensating for the misalignment that the chiro / osteo were trying to work on). I think you are right about the yoga though, I need to start doing that or pilates, I think if I can get my core body strength improved it will help too - I just totally lost it after the CS. The physios here do lots of manipulation / massage etc so after J gave me a massage which was helpful the other day I do have hopes that it will help, I'm hoping to stop :bf: soon, he is nearly 2.5 so with that as well I do have hopes that I will improve. I'm going to try to find a pilates video on you tube and then in September there are yoga classes every week in the village (just too hard with Rémy up to now).


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