VOTING IN THE FINALS - PLEASE READ (edited about 3 times!!)

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VOTING IN THE FINALS - PLEASE READ (edited about 3 times!!)

Postby clothmama » Mon Nov 26, 2007 8:14 pm

Could I ask everyone to please send me all their votes (as in for all the categories) in one single private message please otherwise my inbox will be overflowing!!!! (either open a notepad document while you are working out all your votes or open a separate bowser page with your PM message!)

- Votes must be in by end of THURSDAY 29TH November.(amended due to delay in announcing the finalists - sorry!!!)
- 1 vote per person per category only.
- You may vote for yourself or your child if you are in the final.
- Any ties will be decided by the moderators.
- All decisions are final.
- Votes will be tallied and then the winners announced on Friday 30 November.


- As this is the main prize for the awards we have decided that ALL entries will go into the final.
- Due to this there will only be ONE entry per BABY allowed in this section. (Those of you who have already entered 2 will be contacted to choose your favorite and delete the other!)
- Entries must be submitted no later than end Friday 23 November.
- You may NOT vote for yourself in the final for this category!!

Get voting girls!!!!

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