Small Upsy Daisy Night nappy (UDNN)

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Small Upsy Daisy Night nappy (UDNN)

Postby JennyPenny » Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:16 pm

Manufacturer: Upsy Daisy
Nappy Name: Night nappy
Type of Nappy: Night nappy - fitted - needs a wrap
Fastener: Applix (also comes in side snap)
Material: Bamboo with a french soy booster (You can choose between Bamboo, Hemp and french soy for both the nappy, insert and booster)
Size: Small
Reliability: 10/10
Absorbancy: 10/10
Cuteness: 6/10
Drying Speed: 8/10 (for a night nappy)
Slimness: 8/10
Value for money: 8/10

Overal comment: Highly recommended

Detailed comments: I bought this preloved but hardly used from the for sale boards. I actually thought I was buying a french soy terry one but not sure if that was my fault or the sellers as once it arrived I couldn't find the original messages.
Anyway - I am sure it is bamboo nappy and bamboo trifold and the snap in booster. Was a good fit when we got it at around 3 weeks old. Talia is now 3.5 months and it is just about fitting but will soon be too small. So probably up to around 4 months but she isn't exactly the skinniest baby :giggle:

They are very absorbant and last the night which can be anything between - 6-13 hours. They stay soft, even in hard water. I have to say I do prefer the soy fabric to the bamboo as it stays so much softer and is very absorbant.

They look quite plain, and a bit boring but they can easily be spiced up with a bit of colour! They dye quite well. Although they come up much better if you use darker colours as they soy isn't great with light colours (I have dyed My bigger sizes a range of colours!) . You can add embordory, which does look nice but can majorly bump the price up. They are good value without the embordory and they sell on very well. They are hard to come by second hand and are normally snapped up within minutes when they do! Often by me :oops:

I would really recomend these nappies, especially if you have a heavy wetter, or a good sleeper or just don't want to change nappies in the night. We did try just boosting day nappies but it never worked as good as having the UD night nappy. We now have the bigger sizes and plan to use them everynight.

They are my favourite nappy but from my experience I would always go for: Soy french terry, add on night booster, applix with no embordory and then dye them yourself with some dylon. Or they now do coloured soy but haven't tried that yet but have some on the way!

If I could afford it - I would have all my nappies made by Upsy Daisy and I just have a major thing for the soy french terry!!

The UD soy french terry is the softest nappy we own. And they don't take too long to dry either. The inserts dry within a few hours, the actuall night nappies do take longer but you expect that from a night nappy IMO. Still a lot quicker drying than a lot of our other nappies as I have 2 heavy wetters.

Also works well under wool - we used various woolies over these and night and they work really well. I did find when I used wraps I needed a size above what I usually used. I often used a medium UD fleece wrap over it and that worked OK but is just starting to get a bit too small!

Overal, I think this is ONE of my favourite nappies. Definatly my favourite night nappy. I am trying not to ramble on about them too much but I just think they are great! Something I wouldn't be without!

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