Free to a good home

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Free to a good home

Postby mamamoo » Sat Jun 07, 2014 4:28 pm

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Hi everyone,

My two girls are potty trained now so having a clear out. We are keeping my favourites for baby number three but I have loads of nappies we got from various places which would still be very serviceable for someone who wants to try cloth or maybe can't afford the expensive brands. They would need to be picked up from lasswade (just outside edinburgh) or I could maybe bring them to the western general hospital in edinburgh. I would post for cost but it would be expensive and not sure it's worth it.

So I have......

Ten strange tots bots flat nappies with attached booster. They need a nipper, I got them at an NCT sale but never used them, they say size 2 but are small, I'd say size 1.

5 mother ease btp - sandies I think but I'm not sure, not been used much

7 assorted wraps, mainly size 1, some unused, not sure of make

4 tots bots size 2 fitted yellow, blue and pink, well used but still some life.

7 fitted - they say nappy basics on them- maybe mother care own brand? I got them on free cycle - most are unused.

Few other bits and pieces including a bamboo square and a hollow oak night nappy.

As I say probably not worth paying for postage but if anybody can use these please send me a pm.

Here's A link to a couple of pics - not sure it will work on my phone! memberlist.php?mode=viewgallery&u=2658

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Re: Free to a good home

Postby Donovan14 » Tue Jul 22, 2014 8:30 pm

Do you still have the wraps?

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