Bimbles for newborns + boosters, bucket, liners, nappi nippa

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Bimbles for newborns + boosters, bucket, liners, nappi nippa

Postby ab1hjc » Sat Sep 06, 2014 2:37 pm

Price: £96.40 PayPal Costs: £3.60Total: £100.00 + unknown p&p
We bought a full set of cloth nappies, liners etc when we had our little ones but we only ever used four of them as our girlies had bad reflux so the washing machine was on constantly just keeping up with their clothes, our clothes and bedding :-( they have now grown out of them so am looking to sell the whole lot. (We dont have the wraps as we hired them from the nappy lady.)

The whole lot cost just over £230 new so am looking for £100! Collection from South-West Suffolk or could arrange postage at cost.

Bimbles For Newborns x 30 (4 used, the rest pre-washed but not used)
Boosters x 6 (for night time)
nappy bucket x 1
mesh bag (for inside nappy bucket) x 1
Nappi Nippas (Snappis) x 6 (to fasten the nappies)
ultra liners x 3 rolls

Description of Bimbles:
The Bimble is a tiny sized shaped nappy which covers a smaller weight range than most size 1 nappies - it fits to 15lbs. The huge advantage of this is that it is much trimmer than most first size nappies and so will fit easily under normal clothing. Especially suitable for small newborns (eg prem or multiples).

It is made of four layers of terry and one layer of fleece completely covering the inner to provide a stay dry layer.

I can send photos if required I just cant work out how to get them into this post :-)

Thanks for looking

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Re: Bimbles for newborns + boosters, bucket, liners, nappi nippa

Postby ejh18 » Mon Oct 19, 2015 10:01 am

Hi, are the nappies still available? Would you consider selling the Bimbles separately? Do they have the attached booster or are they the Eco version (with no booster).

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