Tommee Tippee Cotton Bottom nappies

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Tommee Tippee Cotton Bottom nappies

Postby GillianC29 » Mon Nov 10, 2014 9:14 pm

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Tommee Tippee Cotton Bottom reusable nappies
Bleached and boil washed, great condition.

Have 40+ size 2 fabric nappies 8-17lbs and 11 size 3 15-32lbs fabric nappies ( in my experience there are hardly ever any difference so from 8lbs up- you can fold differently depending on size and sex.

4 brand new night time booster pads.

15 outer wraps some say size 2/3 or medium I used them all straight through from 8lbs

7 trainer pull ups for potty training( some never used)

You buy liners to place between fabric nappy and baby- but i also used with out.

£50 whole set or selected items

Postage to be paid for delivery

Happy to answer questions if I can

I loved this set, it was so easy to use, wash and dry

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