Totsbots cloth nappies for sale

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Totsbots cloth nappies for sale

Postby Tfrater » Tue Dec 09, 2014 5:09 pm

Price: £35.54 PayPal Costs: £1.63Total: £37.00 + £5.00 p&p
SOLD Set of 13 cloth nappies, 2 Motherease Rikki small wraps and three grippers. Tots bots size 1Multi coloured 100% cotton nappies. 5 with Velcro fastening and 8 that need the grippers to keep them together.
Used but in good condition. Been in a cupboard for three years, 2nd baby too big for them! Just given them a wash to freshen them up.
Many thanks. Message for any extra info.

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