Lollipop Microfibre Size 1 Nappies and Wraps (and boosters)

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Lollipop Microfibre Size 1 Nappies and Wraps (and boosters)

Postby Evies_Mommy » Mon May 23, 2016 9:40 pm

Price: Not Specified

I'm selling my lovely lollipop size 1 nappies and wraps - I loved these and they are so cute!

3 x Size 1 Purple Lollipop Microfibre Nappies £2.50 each
5 x Size 1 Cream Lollipop Microfibre Nappies £2.50 each

3 x X-Small Lollipop Wraps which have a cutout so that it doesn't rub against babies umbilical cord - I found these great £2 each
1 x Small Lollipop Wrap £2 each


3 x Purple Lollipop Size 1


5 x Cream Lollipop Size 1 [url=http://www.clothnappytree.com/photo.php?v=1&id=21045]



I do have some matching microfibre boosters for these, along with some cream bamboo boosters which I used with these nappies for sale in a separate advert. However if interested I am selling 3 x purple microfibre for a £1, 3 x white microfibre for £1 and 5 x cream bamboo boosters for £3.

In addition, I am also selling some Motherease Sandys, One Life Nappies which are similar to Motherease pre-folds and Close Parent Bamboo Pop-ins.

I am happy to combine postage and look at prices for bundles.


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Re: Lollipop Microfibre Size 1 Nappies and Wraps (and boosters)

Postby ClothBumz » Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:57 pm


Can I have an 'all in posted' price for
X5 bamboo boosters (will take 10 if you have them)
X3 microfiber boosters (6 if you have them)
X1 xsmall lollipop wrap

Also some motherease nappies and wraps. I'll post on that thread regarding that.

Thank you.

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