Cotton Bottoms- new born to medium bundle

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Cotton Bottoms- new born to medium bundle

Postby arlan » Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:00 pm

Price: £48.10 PayPal Costs: £2.92Total: £50.00 + £30.00 p&p
This is a complete Cotton Bottoms kit, apart from the large wraps (that went missing in a house move :( ).

It comprises:
20 new born flat inners (30 x 35cm)
21 fleece liners
6 plain polyester wraps (7-10lbs)
3 frog pond coloured wraps
3 moon baby coloured wraps

24 small flat inners (32 x 45cm, white stitching)
4 plain polyester wraps (8-15lbs)
2 frog pond coloured wraps
2 moon baby coloured wraps

30 medium flat inners (32 x 45cm, blue stitching)
6 plain polyester wraps (15-30lbs)
4 plain polyester wraps labelled as size 3 (15-32lbs)
2 frog pond coloured wraps
3 moon baby coloured wraps

11 large flat inners (green stitching).

Unopened roll of 200 biodegradable paper liners
16 booster pads
1 pair medium 'training pants' (not a nappy but more absorbent than pants, for potty training)- 20-30lbs
1 red, medium, drawstring waterproof bag

This kit has been used with 1 child, and with 1 more newborn (I was too poorly to keep using it as they got bigger :( ). The wraps are in pretty good condition, with no staining and the Velcro still operating fine. The liners and boosters are also stain free. The flat inners do have some stains; they've been washed with non-biological powder (as my daughter was allergic to biological).

Obviously, this amount of nappies is tricky to post- hence the high postage price to send them with Parcelforce.
However, I'd be happy for a buyer to collect for free if they prefer from SS0 (Essex), just let me know.

Thanks for looking! :D

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