Organic cotton Nappy bundle with accessories

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Organic cotton Nappy bundle with accessories

Postby Nicolafewkes » Tue Jan 17, 2017 12:28 pm

Price: £48.10 PayPal Costs: £2.41Total: £50.00 + £15.00 p&p
Large bundle of Organic cotton washable nappies - everything you should need for using nappies full time (worth over £200 new):
17 Popolini one size washable nappies
13 popolini liners
10 bamboo liners
4 medium motherease waterproof Velcro Rikki wraps
3 large lollipop waterproof outers with poppers (UNUSED)
1 nappy bin
1 x waterproof bags (handy to take out in a changing bag)
1 x net nappy bin liner

Additional if wanted
2 x bambino mio training pants 18-24 months (UNUSED)
part used roll of flushable nappy liners (the softest we found!)
1 x unopened box of napisan
1 x part used bottle of tea tree (to stop smells in nappy bin)

Originally bought a set of 20 popolini washable nappies for our 1st baby. They were amazing and we favoured the separate outers which was great advice from a washable nappy guru as the Velcro on all of these types of nappies is the first to go, and the elastic round the legs. So, these outer parts can be replaced much more easily and cost effectively.
We had no leakages with these nappies, the only times we did are when we put our daughters in disposables!!!
For our second daughter we replaced some of the waterproof outers with the motherease ones here. We also invested in the bamboo liners as we were much better at using these through the night with her. Again, a great addition. Some of these are looking a little worn, but not badly and I still think they have plenty of life in them.
These Popolini one size were perfect from birth to potty training for both children, both of whom were different sizes at birth – one very skinny, the other nice and chunky with good hips!! We loved the way they were versatile, folding in various stages to fit and we used them from birth with both children.

No stains – I have discarded the 3 nappies and 7 liners which had slight staining
Any questions please feel free to ask.
Smoke & pet free home

ps - haven't worked out how to add pictures yet, please let me know if you are interested and I will happily send you pictures by email if I have to. thanks

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Re: Organic cotton Nappy bundle with accessories

Postby bobby_bobbertson » Fri Jan 27, 2017 11:22 am

hello, do you still have these for sale?
I am a first time mum and due in 7 weeks, really keen on birth to potty nappies but don't really know where to start!

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