Nappy bundle luxury newborn-Bubble Bubs, Motherease & snappi

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Nappy bundle luxury newborn-Bubble Bubs, Motherease & snappi

Postby Sparra » Thu Sep 10, 2020 9:03 am

Price: £96.40 PayPal Costs: £3.78Total: £100.00 + £5.20 p&p
Newborn luxury reusable cotton nappy bundle - used on one child only .

Bought new for £212 and only used for 13 weeks.

Suitable for newborns from 4.4lb up to 12lb.

Bundle includes:
20 - Really soft cotton Bam Bam Newborn nappies with the boosters that come with them, made by BubbleBubs
3 - Nappi Nippas which fix the inner nappies together, really clever safe alternative to safely clips! See pictures.
2 - Motherease Rikki Airflow wraps - size small

The Bubblebubs BamBam fits from just 2kg (4.4lbs) up to approx 16lbs however generally we find it starts to get snug at 12lbs.
BamBam is made of bamboo fabric and is incredibly soft and silky. The nappy fastens with a nappi nippa (bought separately) so you can cross the tabs over to adapt the nappy for the perfect fit. If baby is very tiny at the bottom of the weight range you fold down the front panel to make it shorter.

The nappy also comes with a separate loose booster which can be removed if baby is very tiny or doesn't need the full absorbency.

Nappi Nippas are a fabulous invention and fiendishly simple: just a plastic T shape with little claws at each of the three ends. Simply hook one claw into the terry fabric roughly over one thigh (while holding the nappy together with the other hand), stretch over to the other thigh and catch into the loops of the fabric there, then pull the last claw down to catch at the fabric between the legs. The resulting grip should be Y shaped if it has enough tension.

Nippas are much faster to use than pins, and provide a nicely balanced secure fastening, which gives the nappies they are used with a high degree of containment. You have total adjustability both up-down as well as left-right, it is hard to beat the fit that Nippas offer.

Motherease Airflow is a popper fastening PUL (polyurethene laminate) wrap that is leak proof but refuses to compromise on breathability!

Small 6-12lbs

The poppers are at the legs and waist on each side, and there are a number of different settings. Because of the separate leg and waist fastening, it has excellent adjustability for the child whose legs and waist are not in perfect proportion to each other. With a Velcro wrap, if your child has thin legs but a fat waist, the wrap may have to be closed too tightly at the waist to give sufficient containment at the legs, or vice versa. This is not the case with the Air Flow wrap.

The airflow is secured with adjustable poppers at the waist and legs openings and has an air ventilation system between the poppers. This allows for maximum air circulation as baby moves, reducing the risk of bacteria by keeping the temperature of the cloth nappy down. The ventilation system makes it the most breathable PUL wrap on the market by far. You think it somehow “ought” to leak, but I can assure you it doesn’t. Very cunning design.

Another advantage of the Air Flow is that the side-positioning of the poppers makes it virtually childproof! The trouble with Velcro-fastenings, as with disposable nappies, is that your child can easily undo them - and the tougher the Velcro, the more tempting it is for them. You can almost hear them saying “Look, Mummy, a toy on my tummy...” Not all children are manic un-fasteners, but if you have one of those, you’ll find popper wraps a far less frustrating option, unless you want your child to wear dungarees on a permanent basis!

As the poppers are at the side of the wrap it is perfect for children with sensitive skin as there is no velcro to catch or snag on. For tummy sleepers there are no poppers at the front of the nappy to press into their skin either!

There are no gussets in the wrap which makes the legs holes larger than on other wraps. The legs holes of the airflow are designed to be LOOSE and not fitted snug to the skin. This is again to make the nappy more breathable but also so little legs on the move don't get chaffed. The airflow is especially good for chubby legs allowing them plenty of room.

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