Cotton bottoms nappies bundle -birth to potty

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Cotton bottoms nappies bundle -birth to potty

Postby She333 » Thu Jan 12, 2023 9:43 am

Price: £50.03 PayPal Costs: £2.61Total: £52.00 + £19.00 p&p
Cloth nappies bundle - Cotton Bottoms- used but still plenty of life left in them. These are cotton pre fold inners which means they wash and dry quickly. Some show signs of wear (hence the low price) but will last a long time yet!
16 Newborn cotton pads
10 Newborn wraps
53 small inners
8 small wraps
33 Medium inners
9 Medium wraps
7 large inners (unused)
3 large wraps (unused)
5 universal wraps
1 roll of liners
3 boxes of nappy soak

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