Bumgenius birth to potty

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Bumgenius birth to potty

Postby Sweetascarameline » Thu Aug 21, 2014 12:56 pm

Price: £11.39 PayPal Costs: £0.61Total: £12.00 + unknown p&p
Bumgenius birth to potty including 2 inserts each. The two white ones were made in America so have the thicker new newborn inserts. They are used but Velcro still holds perfectly well and I have re sewn leg elastics £4 each
Two yellow ones need leg elastic replacing (easy to do) but otherwise great-£2.50 each

£12 for whole bundle of four nappies.

Postage separate and depends on how many nappies purchased. 1.60 for one nappy, 3.20 for two or more nappies

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