Bungenius v4 and freetimes (snaps)

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Bungenius v4 and freetimes (snaps)

Postby Bbryanbb » Thu Feb 19, 2015 8:48 pm

Price: £9.46 PayPal Costs: £0.54Total: £10.00 + unknown p&p
Bumgenius for sale
All with snaps
£10 each All In prefer sell as a lot (includes paypal fees and postage )
Relaxed elastics
2x sassy freetimes
1x butternut freetimes
1x v4 white
All nappies are well used but work really well
Not sure if the relaxed elastics Would work On a Small baby but my 19 month old is doing great.

I have 4x repair kits from Bumgenius
£1 each but wont sell on it's own it Would have to be bought with a nappy

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