Some older but not used nappies

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Some older but not used nappies

Postby SusanC » Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:53 pm

Price: Not Specified
A good few years ago I was a nappy demonstrator and have just found my demo nappies. I would be happy to sell it all off as a job lot! Please get in touch if you are interested. They have been in a basket in my loft so will need laundering!

2 Wonderoos (one purple and one pink) These may have been used by baby but super good condition
A small size white totsbots (Fleece lined, fluffy outside) (New)
A psycadelic nature babies pink the died wrap (L) (New)
a Kisaluv size 1 (New)
6 Motherease one size (used), towelling nappy
3 motherease wraps (used but good condition)
Totsbots AIO new but has some grubby marks on the outside (will wash off I should think) small
Motherease AIO new looks a medium size
Little Ewe changing cloth - towelling - new
Soft towelling liner (New)
Tots bots towelling pocket nappy (new - med?)
bamboo liner (new)
Half towelling / half fleece liner (new)
Red wonderoo pocket nappy (used but great condition)
2 Purple towelling tots bot med or large
Tots bot fleece wrapper - multicolour large spots (New) large?
green pocket bum genius green new
toddlerease nappy towelling new
cloth wipe (?used)
2x 2 part hemp stuffer (new I think)
3 microfibre stuffers (one has a hole in it - I don't think I used them though)

I would be happy to see them go to a good home
£40 for the lot but would definitely consider offers
S :widesmile:

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Re: Some older but not used nappies

Postby Zanarie » Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:35 pm

Hi. Would you break this up?

I am intrested in the Purple Tots Bots, the Kissaluvs

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