Bumgenius Smalls, Mediums and Larges

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Bumgenius Smalls, Mediums and Larges

Postby bellesofstclements » Wed Mar 01, 2017 11:53 pm

Price: £2.70 PayPal Costs: £0.40Total: £3.00 + £2.85 p&p
Bumgenius nappies in GUC.

There are the following nappies:

8 Large - a mixture of colours
10 mediums - Clementine and pink
17 smalls pink, green, yellow and clementine

We loved these nappies - the smalls were great when our babies outgrew newborn nappies but BTP were still too big. Plus, no snaps/size adjustment so really easy to put on. I have had most of these from new, they may have faint marks in them, but I have added pics of the worst marks (not very noticeable at all).

I would like £3 each nappy plus postage, but I can do the following bundles:

All Larges for £20 All in.
All Mediums for £24 All in.
All Smalls for £40 All in.

Or take all 35 nappies for £72 All in :)

I can do other bundles and I am also going to list some Thirsties, Tots Bots Easy fits, Little Lambs, Bamboozles and loads of boosters and wraps - plus some Wee Notions etc.

Please get in touch with any queries x

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