Huge stash of nappies BG, Issy, Cushie Tushie, Totsbots

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Huge stash of nappies BG, Issy, Cushie Tushie, Totsbots

Postby bainers » Tue Oct 17, 2017 11:15 am

Price: £144.70 PayPal Costs: £5.81Total: £150.00 + £15.00 p&p

Large stash of nappies, some really unusual prints, a stack of inserts and homemade leopard print wipes.

All come from a smoke free, pet free home and ony ever washed in non-bio liquid. Velcro and elastic is in good condition on all the nappies.

Individual details and individual listings including more pics below:

Mini lala: black and yellow pattern comes with 2 x bamboo inserts
Cow print: comes with bamboo insert doublers
Ladybird Cushie Tushie V2 comes with two bamboo and fleece inserts
Issy Bear: blue/ green swirl and pink skulls. Comes with day and night inserts.
Red stripey Bambooty comes with two inserts which I think but cannot be sure are bamboo and fleece
Pink spotty Blueberry comes with double thickness bamboo cotton insert doublers.
All the above in excellent condition

Totsbots Easyfit
2x super cute cherries
1 x toadstools
1 x apples and pears

Bumgenius v3 nappies, Elastic and Velcro still have lots of life in them.
9x Velcro nappies
2x popper nappies : these are perfectly clean but have staining on the inside.

Strawberry totsbots wrap
Animal print mother ease wrap
2x white mother ease wrap
Sandy' small bamboo nappy
Totsbots bamboozle size 2 nappy

Two Close Parent Yellow nappies

Velcro is cosmetically worn (i.e. Has a fluff in it but the Velcro still works well) elastic is still in good condition
From a pet free, smoke free home and only ever washed in non-bio liquid.
Some staining to both, lighter yellow one has slightly more staining as shown in pictures.

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