Pockets, AI2 & Fitted Night Nappy

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Pockets, AI2 & Fitted Night Nappy

Postby clothnappyaddict » Sat Sep 08, 2018 6:00 pm

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All nappies *£10 ALL IN* unless stated otherwise.

1st pic.
*BNIP vanilla minky BTP Wonderoos.
*New Willy Winky (WAHM) OSFM pocket.

2nd pic (descriptions from left to right)
1st row:-
*Size 2 Baby Blush pocket + bamboo insert. EUC.
*Size 2 Baby Blush pocket + bamboo insert. GUC - £8 all in.
*Bumblebees (WAHM) large patchwork pocket EUC.
*Yummy Bummies (WAHM) OSFM patchwork pocket EUC.
2nd row:-
*Made For Little Ones OSFM pocket with rocket appliqué EUC.
*Kara Bumba (WAHM) OSFM pocket with Celtic knot embroidery EUC.
*Rosie Boos (WAHM) large pocket with Mater embroidery EUC, but embroidery not the best - £8 all in.
*WeeNotions large sidesnap pocket. Rare patchwork. Size label has been removed (before I bought it), but it’s definitely large. PUL squeaky, but still fit for purpose - £7 all in.
3rd row:-
*Tweedlebee & Tweedlebum large AI2 with gingerbread man appliqué to front and back. EUC.
*Holdens Landing XL AI2 bee. EEUC.
*Wild Child OSFM Dreamy Nights fitted night nappy. GUC.
*Grand Old Oak XL sidesnap pocket with Yoshi appliqué. Minky slightly greyed, but otherwise GUC.
4th row:-
*All cheapy pockets well used, but still plenty of life in them - One per person free with any other purchase, or all 3 together free for postage and fees.

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