Applique Suggestions? What would you like....?

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Re: Applique Suggestions? What would you like....?

Postby emmajayne33 » Sat Jun 06, 2009 9:13 pm

So, what would you like appliqued on a t-shirt/vest top? for a boy, snails, tree's, frogs, monkeys and girls fairies, stars,

What colours do you like? For the t-shirt and/or the applique? for boys, blues and greens and for girls pinks, purples

What sizes are bestsellers? My son is 16 months and wears 18-24 month t-shirts and tops. Would smaller ones be worth doing too? No I agree with PP I think 12months plus would be your best bet, babies just grow to quickly before then

How much would you be prepared to pay? no more than £10

I need some feedback before I start. :)

Any other clothing that I could do? Am thinking of doing t-shirts and sleeveless t-shirts so far. Could do longsleeved tops as well? Any other ideas? long sleeved tops are agood idea, popular in the winter, ummmm how about pj's ?

What sort of fabrics do you like? Would you like say floral patterns for girls? Erm.....stripes? Plain colours? If I give you an example....I have some lovely butterfly print fabric - would it look strange if I used it to make a butterfly applique? Would it be overkill? Or would say a floral butterfly look better? personally I think I'd prefer plain fabric :)

:) :idea:

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Re: Applique Suggestions? What would you like....?

Postby mythreelittlemice » Thu Jun 11, 2009 10:27 am

oooh Helen fab! I remember you asking questions about WAHMing a while back so good luck!

Would you be up for collabs??!!! :wink:

Fi x


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