A few questions ladies - whats best?

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Re: A few questions ladies - whats best?

Postby clairelana » Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:51 pm

Thank you ladies.
Thats been really helpful.

Frances I totally agree about the FF's... :giggle: They are by far my favorite fitteds, if i could i would have a full stash of them. They so sooo gorgeous as well as doing a fantastic job. I think they might be a bit much to start off with though. I want to be able to put as many nappies i can in the packs. If I got them for the shop i would end up keeping them all for myself....lol

I was thinking that maybe the onsize pockets might go down well as they are simple to use once you know how to stuff them. I was amazed with BG after using terry squares....lol
I would like to offer fitteds too with wraps and maybe wool.

I have heard quite alot about sandys what do you all think of them?

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Cloth Nappy Addict

Re: A few questions ladies - whats best?

Postby Vicki » Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:01 pm

Hi - I know Swindon Council are about to open their own cloth nappy shop (in next couple of months) - to be run by the real nappy network. Not sure whether they will be selling or whether it will just be an information place - but sounds great!

Your idea sounds great - have you thought about becoming a nappy advisor so that you can access many brands without the huge investment in stock? This is what I have done, but am now moving on towards trade. Don't think will ever own a shop!

BTW if you would like to stock monkey foot bags I am now the UK distributor - have a look on my site - pm me if interested and will send you supplier T&C. I think at some point I will move on from nappies into a distributorship capacity tbh.

If I had the choice - I would stock
BG onesize - they are bringing out a new nappy in september :wink:
EasyPeasy bimbles
Lollipop softee
Close Parent - pop in and dream dri
Sandys - great nappy
Bambinex bamboo btp

Then a couple of custom wahm things! :wink: Love puddlekins and UD!


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