Sleep probs in nearly 3 yr old

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Sleep probs in nearly 3 yr old

Postby fleur08 » Fri Jun 17, 2011 2:54 pm

hi all, not been on for a while... too tired!
am after any ideas on what to do with em's, she will be 3 next month & has a history of poor sleep -probably had a total of 1 months unbroken sleep since she was born if we added all the nights together :(

she keeps waking once,twice orr 3 times a night.
sometimes its a nightmare, others its coz shes asleep but calling for me & will mutter a few random things when i go in like-" i cant get to the moon my rockets broken "or "i like toy story "& will then conk out back to sleep, other times she just scream & screams for me till i go in and reassure her im there.
there is no pattern to the times she wakes, weve tried to leave her to settle but she is bellowing at the top of her voice ( shes loud anyway) and wont stop till i go in.
her routine is always the same ,as is her bedtime.
she doesnt sleep in the day anymore, so is up anytime between 6-7am & bed is 7pm, shes usualy grumpy from 5.30 onwards. if she sleeps in the car at all ,bed time goes to pot & she will be awake till gone 9pm & still night waking!
i dont know weather to see the H.V about it or if there is anyway that she could help :-?

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Re: Sleep probs in nearly 3 yr old

Postby confusinglady » Fri Jun 17, 2011 7:15 pm

Sounds similar character to my dd1! But we re a year on.
They could be night terror things if she's screaming and not really with it when you go in. There s nothing you can do about those just try and have a calm bit before bed. If we had any disagreements or crying over teeth brushing etc we would get night terrors. I think it is just the age though too.

We just went through a stage of two to three times of her waking up and shouting for us but not really wanting much but her duvet had moved an inch or she couldn t find her cuddly toy which was two inches from her hand lol! Just reassurance really. We have music that we switch on with a timer to help her settle back to sleep. We also would suggest to Her in a positive way at bed time that wouldn t it be good if when she woke up that she could try her best to get back to sleep or find her toy before waking up mummy or she could cone and get me. The shouting would wake up her sister so would wake everyone up!
We d give lots of praise in the morning if she d tried very hard. It seemed to just get better. Now we can have weeks where she doesn't shout out, but the last three nights she s woken every morning at 3! Now though I can get up, stumble in asks what's the matter, she suggests music, I go back to bed and she gies back to sleep:)

We have the day time nap scenario too any sleep and it will be what we call magic 9 o clock. She will not go to sleep before it.

I hope it settles down for u I know how tiring it can be, it does get better though xxx

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