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High Rise

Postby urbanbumpkin » Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:21 am

Hi there.

I'm looking for a bit of advice on fitteds for a long baby.

I'm using Tots Bots Cotton nippa fastening nappies (Sz 2) at the moment as night nappies (with a bit of hemp and microfibre in there) and a Motherease Airflow in M/L over the top. And they are doing me very well. Totally soaked in the morning but no leaks.

However my boy is veeerrry long. He is nearly 8 months old and over the 95centile for height at the last measure. Most of his length seems to be in his body not his legs. He is very slim as well. This is why I like the nippas, as I can get a fit on his unusual propertions.

The Tots Bots will be fine for a little while yet (particularly if he slows down on the growing!) but they are already starting to look a little like hipsters. I'm worried if I get the seemingly elusive Sz 3 Tots Bots nappies next, or a similar kind of one size/BTP, that the rise just won't be right for him long term, and also they will be really big width-wise.

So, does anyone here have any ideas of fitteds that I can use with nippas and Motherease (or similar) wraps that are a bit longer in the rise?

Or do I need to buy some terry, zorb, and elastic and make my own to his proportions? I'm not adverse to this if it is the best answer; the hemp and microfibre boosters I'm using in the TBs at the moment are homemade.


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