20 Pop-In Close Parent Nappies plus night boosters

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20 Pop-In Close Parent Nappies plus night boosters

Postby Anka » Sat Feb 24, 2018 10:40 am

Price: Offered
THESE ARE GONE (sorry, still trying to figure out how to remove the post).

The image uploading function on this site is not working for me, but I will e-mail photos to anyone who interested.

This is a big bundle containing the following Close Parent Pop-In nappy items:

- 10 Bamboo nappies (various colours)
- 10 Microfiber nappies (various colours)
- 6 night boosters (various colours)

Bad points: The elastic on the micro-fiber nappies is rather degraded, but can potentially be fixed. It's fine on the bamboo ones. The is also one tiny rip around one of the insert poppers on one of the bamboo nappies and one of the velcro strips may be slight undone (this does not affect the nappy function in any way).

Good points: Other than the above, the nappies are in very good condition. There are no stains (might be some very insignificant ones, I am too lazy to unpack all 20 of them to look), they've all been washed in eco-friendly detergent on high temperatures, they don't smell of anything, the poppers and velcro tabs are all working perfectly. Some of the nappies will have home-made fleece liners in them.

I am giving the nappies away for free. If you want them, you are welcome to pick them up from my house. I live in Shipley, West Yorkshire. Otherwise, I am willing to post them, but I will be asking for postage.

I am also willing to split the bundle and give/send only the items that you want.
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Re: 20 Pop-In Close Parent Nappies plus night boosters

Postby Stef9462 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 10:36 am

Hi, I'm interested if you still have these

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