BG V2 elastic

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BG V2 elastic

Postby drainpipe » Thu Oct 29, 2009 9:04 pm

Sorry if this has been asked recently and if so, if someone has a link please do point me in the right direction, but I bought my BG V2s in Spring 08 in advance of my baby being born in Aug08.
They've been used on and off since then, not heavily used at all, mostly washed at 40, with the occasional 60 wash, never tumble dried, and the leg elastics have gone.
Is it unreasonable of me to expect them to last the nappy-lifespan of at least one baby?
I know that I could replace the elastics (although I'm rubbish at sewing) but I don't see why I should have to, as I don't consider a nappy that can't last as fit for purpose.
I got them from http://www.stratfordnappies.co.uk/ who I'm assuming are an authorised dealer, so is my best bet to contact them?
Has anyone tried before with any success?

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Re: BG V2 elastic

Postby Louise » Thu Oct 29, 2009 10:15 pm

Unfortunately its very common for the elastic to go in BGs. As far as I remember all BG will do is send instructions on how to repair the elastic yourself. Have a read of this thread here, I think there's instructions on how to do it.

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