Pocket (and AIO) sizing question (Easyfit vs BG, and HH)

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Pocket (and AIO) sizing question (Easyfit vs BG, and HH)

Postby mudita » Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:17 am


i've been collecting various pocket (and AIO) nappies to try and recently got an Easyfit V2, which I realize is techinically an AIO, but I compared it to my BG and it seems like a smaller fit. I am curious if this is the case in reality, as I thought the Easyfit was really lush and thought I'd get some more, but not if they'll be grown out of more quickly. In addition, a number of people have said the new style Happy Heinys are larger in the rise, and I have both old and new, and the old is a good 2 inches higher, so I am a bit confused! Would be interested in other's thoughts and experiences. I've got a range of pockets (Btp and sized) and AIO now, so won't be buying more for a while, but am curious about the fit (as bubs is yet to be born!)

I've got to try:
Fuzzi Bunz (S,M,L)
Happy Heiny (old and new style)
Easyfit V2
BG AIO (aplix and poppers)
Mommy's Touch (don't like the double opening so won't get more of these)
Close Parent Pop-ins

Because I am more of a BTP person i want to find the ones that will last the longest, really, though I know the fuzzis will see me to potty training this time around as the large fit my 3.5 year old a few months ago!

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Re: Pocket (and AIO) sizing question (Easyfit vs BG, and HH)

Postby e586 » Fri Jun 24, 2011 8:30 am

I think a lot of it will depend on the build of your child as to which fits longest/best. Natalie managed in pop-ins and bgv3 (these fit but leaked towards the end) until potty training (2yrs 1 month) but Ryan outgrew pop-ins at 20 months old, and BGv3 and v4 hardly fasten on him now, yet Easyfits are a good fit still as they fit higher on his rise and the tabs stretch more. Plus they are easier for me to stuff and still keep them slim. I can't compare to the Fuzzi and HH as I haven't used them for ages and never on Ryan. I also not everyone gets on with Easyfits but do with the BG so I think you're going to get mixed answers here!! :)

If someone said to me I could only have 1 type of BTP nappy to use on my children I'd have to pick the Easyfit as it ticks the most boxes for my needs.

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