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Welcome to the Cloth Nappy Tree partner area

Cloth Nappy Tree is a thriving community for parents. It reaches thousands of people across the globe each month. Our members value our community centred outlook, our commitment and our unique view, that's why they keep coming back for more.

Cloth Nappy Tree offers a range of advertising solutions to enable you to reach the cloth nappy community. We work hard to ensure the best possible message reaches the most valuable audience. The site currently enjoys hundreds of thousands of page views per day so advertising with us is a sure fire way to make your brand familiar to the right people quickly.

You may be even happier to know that Cloth Nappy Tree is run on a charitable basis. The proceeds of all advertising are invested right back into the site and the activities we organise to help encourage the use and spread the word about cloth nappies and their environmental benefits.

Rotating Banners

Prices for 234x60 pixel banner adverts

3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
£34.95 £67.95 £129.95

Please contact us for more information.

If you have a cloth nappy, parenting, baby or related website we are pleased to be able to offer you advertising slots on Cloth Nappy Tree. We are confident you will be seen by people who are actually interested in your products.

Our standard banner slots are currently placed at the top of every forum page not currently used by forum sponsors. They are positioned in the top right area of the page to give the best possible visibility.

You will need to provide us with the full URL of the page you wish the ad to point to as well as a gif, jpg or png sized at 234x60 pixels for the banner. If you don't have one or are unable to provide one of this size we can help you with this for a small charge.

Have you got something else in mind?

If you would like different format or multiple adverts or have any other requirements please contact us here. We will be happy to discuss your requirements. Ask us about multiple advertising slots. We will generally offer a discount.

Thank you gift on Wahm Wonders

Members who have a current advertisement will have a 234x60 pixel banner displayed free of charge in certain areas of Wahm Wonders. They are displayed alongside banners from other members who contribute to this site in their many and various ways and is a thank you for their support. If you are a forum sponsor you will need to supply us with a 234x60 banner as well as your 468x60 banner if you wish to take advantage of this.

Personal Signatures

Members who have a current advertisement may also place a banner in their signature to the maximum size of the tallest horizontal advert they have currently displayed on the site.

Members who wish to place a text link to their site in their signature may do so free of charge as long as they reciprocate by placing a link to Cloth Nappy Tree on a prominent and regularly visited part of the website they wish to link to (not a links page). Every site linked to with a commercial intent should display a clearly visible link to Cloth Nappy Tree. The link can be to your Wahm Wonders area.

If you include us on your links page we will be happy to place your site on ours. Please contact us with the url on which you have placed our reciprocal and the details of the link you would like us to place on our site.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to working with you to help your business grow.