Northern Lights

by WeeNotions
Reviewed by Steph (Velvetsteph) on 16 March 2008
Northern Lights

Material: Choice of Cotton Velour Jersey and Viscose

Fastener: Poppers

Type: Fitted-Shaped

Cloth Nappy Score


Overall Score:

10 stars
10 stars
10 stars

8 stars

Drying Time:
0 stars
9 stars
9 stars

Overall Impression: Fabulous!

This contained a poorly child poo.Impressive. It lasted 4.5 hours without a prewash.

Drying speed may be on the slow side compared with pockets, but then again the insert is poppered into the booster tongue and is removable.

Slimness - this is the slimmest fitted nappy we own apart from ella's house print hence the 9.5/10

Value for money: Not sure how this could be better 'value' for money... For a fitted nappy it is on the more expensive side (compared with a boring plain applix nappy) however I wouldn't expect to pay any less for such a cute nappy - I would say this is priced right - excellent design and fit and lovely cuteness.

I would recommend this nappy to EVERYONE!

The main body of the nappy is cotton jersey topped with cotton velour. The nappy comes with a poppered insert made from a layer of cotton velour top and bottom with inner layers of hemp fleece.

As with all WeeNotions nappies you can specify your top and outer layers when you purchase.

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