The Cottontail Nappy

by The Cottontail Company
Reviewed by Katie (kt24) on 22 March 2008
The Cottontail Nappy

Material: Cotton

Fastener: Poppers

Type: Fitted-Shaped

Cloth Nappy Score


Overall Score:

8 stars
9 stars
7 stars

7.83 stars

Drying Time:
8 stars
8 stars
7 stars

Overall Impression: Highly recommended

I was intrigued by this nappy when I saw it because it claimed to offer a one size option that was slimmer between the legs for smaller babies. This is an issue I've had with MEOS and other One size nappies. In this respect the nappy is fab. It gives a lovely slim fit between the legs on Zac with the fasteners done up and undone there is plenty of coverage for Lockie.

It's absorbency is great. Just about lasted Zac 12 hours overnight with just the included separate booster and easily did 4 hours on Lockie with the booster.

The width fasteners are flat and well padded so it's not like lying on poppers. Fastening the adjusters is fiddly. They don't need to be undone for washing/drying so not a problem if used on just one child but could be annoying if used on different sized children. The waist poppers are a bit more difficult to fasten than normal poppers and feel a bit more brittle - not sure how they will fair in the long run.

Not the cutest looking nappy but very soft. It's a shame it's only available in cream but you could always get them tie dyed by Bumfluff. Just be aware that the popper strip doesn't dye though and looks a bit odd on a dark coloured dye.

Drying time is fine. Slightly longer than bimbles but less than swaddlebees ocv.

I think this is really lovely Birth to potty option for a small-average sized baby. It will give a lovely fit on a young baby and won't be really bulky, especially between the legs also gives a nice fit on older babies.

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