Night Notions

by WeeNotions
Reviewed by Annette on 29 March 2008
Night Notions

Material: Hemp or Bamboo and Fleece

Fastener: Poppers

Type: Fitted-Shaped

Cloth Nappy Score


Overall Score:

10 stars
10 stars
10 stars

9.17 stars

Drying Time:
10 stars
7 stars
8 stars

Overall Impression: Get one

I took the plunge last night, having only pre-washed it once. Fully expecting some dampness this morning, but no, not a sign. Charlotte slept 7pm until about 7.15am and despite being very heavy and wet, it had not travelled at all through her woolly shorts.

The fit is great - I have had problems with the fit of night nappies, as once you boost them I find the front gapes and Charlotte sleeps on her front = leaks! The side snap give a lovely fit.

I found it quite bulky but then it is a night nappy so to be expected. The great things was that I didn't have to add anything to it, which I always have done with previous night nappies.

They are quite expensive (especially if you get drawn into the limited edition cotton covers on offer like me ) but well worth the money as they are so reliable and I can see the large size lasting a child a long time.

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