by Itti Bitti
Reviewed by eviesmummy on 14 April 2008

Material: Outer: Minki. Inner: Bamboo and Fleece

Fastener: Poppers

Type: AI2

Cloth Nappy Score


Overall Score:

10 stars
10 stars
10 stars

9.67 stars

Drying Time:
8 stars
10 stars
10 stars

Overall Impression: Fabulous!

When my Itti Bitti D'Lish arrived I was so surprised as to how neat and slim they were - and a bit apprehensive as to how long they would last and if they would suit my daughters shape - she is long and slim. But they really have surprised me. I have 2 nappies and 4 inserts (you can change the insert without having to change the whole nappy) and these lasted Evie all day without even a hint of a leak, and their containment of poo was also fantastic. You can also buy a separate booster for heavy wetters to make these even more absorbent. The fabric is lovely and soft minki, and the colours are really fantastic - there is a choice of 10 colours. The inserts are bamboo but the large one folds out so they dry overnight on the radiator, so a bit longer than microfibre takes but not as long as some bamboo inserts do. They are very slim fitting, the neatest nappy we have tried, and there really is very little difference in them and a disposable nappy when they are on. I think they are great value for money - a nappy and inserts are £13 for the set, but an extra set of inserts is only £5.75 and as you don't have to change the nappy unless it is soiled or wet, you could manage with a ratio 1 nappy to 2 or even 3 sets of inserts. I also think it will have a good resell value once you are finished with it.

Overall a fantastic little nappy, and one that I would highly recommend.

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