by Tots Bots
Reviewed by Tory on 24 March 2008

Material: Bamboo


Type: Fitted

Cloth Nappy Score


Overall Score:

9 stars
9 stars
8 stars

7.83 stars

Drying Time:
5 stars
9 stars
7 stars

Overall Impression: Fabulous!

I love my bamboozles. I unfortunately bought a normal one the week before the rainbows were released so had to have the turquoise one. I would now like all the colours. They are soooo nice.

I don't have central heating so do find they take days to dry but I'm thinking that's a good thing as I can justify more of them so I can get all the colours lol!

They are a really nice reliable, slim fitting, soft nappy and will probably end up being about half of my day collection by the time I've finished buying. I have used them at night, boosted in case of emergencies from my heavy wetter. They are up to the job. I think they are wonderful.

They are only available in aplix, which I don't like (although its now growing on me as Louis gets older).I just unpicked the aplix from my turquoise one before it had even dried and kept it in case I need it later.

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