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Custom babywearing sling bag by Queen Bee's Hive

This sling bag has an extra-long straps so it can be comfortably worn while wearing a baby in a sling. With ample space inside and two internal pockets and 2 external pockets.


Can be made to co-ordinate with your sling.

For more information or to book a custom slot, please reply on here or send me a PM


Custom babywearing sling bag

Sun June 12th 2011 14:38:07
I'm getting a sling bag but now comes the hard bit of choosing. Don't surpose you have some action pics and some to show the inside?
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Custom babywearing sling bag

Tue March 1st 2011 11:30:07
Hi hunny ,
I am really interested in getting a bag and possibly a sling. Iv never used a MT before , have you ever made buckle carriers before?
How much are the bags and slings?
Do you use your own fabric, or do customers find their own?
If I were to get a sling would it be able to have a hood?
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