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Bex & Mums Cloth San Pro Regular/Heavy by Flufftastic

Bex Mums Cloth San Pro
Bex & Mums cloth San Pro is practical and pretty! Available as liners, regular, regular/heavy and night/postpartum in a variety of gorgeous organic bamboo velour and minkee options :D Inners are made of bamboo terry and or hemp fleece and zorb, depending on absorbency chosen and are fleece backed (with wool option coming soon :wink: )These are customisable so please contact me to discuss your requirements :D


I am offering one green minkee 10.5" Regular/Heavy CSP at a special price :wine: This was made during testing of my pattern, and as such the edging is finished with an overlock stitch and then topstitched. It is perfectly secure and others from the batch have stood up to multiple washes/tumble dries, but they are just not quite as 'pretty' as the ones I will be stocking which will be overlocked

As such it is available at a special discounted price of only £7 including postage! (They are normally £7.50 plus postage)

It is fleece backed and has a hemp fleece core

Please reply on this thread if you would like it

Bottom left :wink:

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Bex & Mums Cloth San Pro Regular/Heavy

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