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Tots Bots Papoozle Slings by Flufftastic

Oodles of comfort and cuddles:

Baby wearing is beneficial for both baby and mum (or dad). Studies have proven that babies who are carried in a sling cry less as they feel more secure. You will also find it a whole lot easier papoozling about town; than trying to get in and out of taxis, buses and trains with a pram. Wearing a sling around the home also allows you to get on with your daily tasks, whilst keeping baby close by. The unique design of the Papoozle allows you to wear baby for longer periods of time. Your back and baby will really appreciate the superior comfort a Papoozle offers.

Padded waist buckle distributes the weight across your hips.

Wide shoulder straps keep baby cosy and secure from newborn to toddler - supports your baby comfortably from birth up to 12kg.

Convenient, easy-to-use and totally adjustable for multiple positions. No origami here simply pop on, pop baby in and pop out...

Weight: 130 g