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Toby the T-Rex buttons by Indi-Panda

Set of three buttons with a dinosaur theme. Consists of one large 1 and 1/4" button and two smaller 3/4" buttons. All buttons are on a teal blue background. Large button has a brown T-Rex on, and the smaller buttons have dinosaur footprints on.

As with all my buttons these are made from high quality polymer clay, and finished with a double coat of gloss glaze.

These can be recreated in different colours, just ask :giggle:

Please reply to this thread to purchase :D

Thank you.x


Toby the T-Rex buttons

Sat August 27th 2011 19:10:00
:giggle: Wait until you get your replacement buttons. Theres a little pressie in there for Dawn :wink: Not that i've posted them yet, time got away from me today :oops:
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Toby the T-Rex buttons

Sat August 27th 2011 17:41:40
Oh my! Just thinking of what wool I have that doesn't have buttons yet so you can match them :hohoho:
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