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Custom Arabella pinifore by shoogahb's

Custom Arabella pinifore
I am now available to offer slots for custom arabella pinifore dresses (pattern by julibeans). I can make these in any of the standard sizes or can be made to custom measurements. The pattern goes up to 8-9 years size and uses DK yarn

The one in the picture is a custom order made for Vampiredreams using snugglebots DK superwash in sugar plum colourway and the front has been embellished with crochet flowers and hand embroidery.

If you would like to book a slot for a custom Arabella either PM me or comment on this wonder


Custom Arabella pinifore

Fri September 9th 2011 15:58:58
Thank you Scarlet :D
I have slots available at the moment if anyone wants to book one :wink:
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Custom Arabella pinifore

Tue September 6th 2011 15:06:17
Ooooo love that! x
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