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Washable wipes by Serenity Designs

Washable wipes
The washable wipes have micro fibre OR terry towelling on one side and a thick layer of polar fleece layer on the other. This fabric combination make for a very versatile wipe offering a suitable surface whatever the clean up needed. For a pooey nappy the micro fibre side is ideal, as the fabric loops grip the poo for a quick and thorough clean up. The fleece side is ideal for finishing up or wet only nappies as it’s so smooth and soft. The fleece side is also perfect to use during teething when skin can become more sensitive. The edges are fully bound making them long lasting. As it is made from micro fibre it can also double up as a small booster too!

size approx 4.5" x 6.5"

micro fibre/fleece set of 4 includes 2 hearts and 2 butterflies design
terry/fleece set of 5 includes 2 flower design and 3 heart design

both £3.50 per set plus postage