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Weenie Mandala by Rainbow Daze


I have a lovely Weenie Mandala Tee to offer up.

This tee is age 18-24 months (up to 92cm).

The shirt is a slimmer fit than a regular crew neck t-shirt. It also has an envelope neck for easier dressing.

The design on this shirt is only to the front. The back is dyed a lovely soft green.

£7.00 plus p&p at cost


Weenie Mandala

Fri July 29th 2011 14:50:51
Stormy_weather- So sorry to have not been more specific- I'm new here and just getting to work out my way around :giggle:

You can just ask for the item here, or you can pm me! Let me know if you do want this shirt and we can get it sorted out for you :mrgreen:

Thanks Shadow and Mr. CM. It's so nice to hear lovely things about my pieces :thumbsup:
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Weenie Mandala

Fri July 29th 2011 11:15:43
I would love this! Never seen this part of the website before though. How do I buy here? x
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Weenie Mandala

Fri July 29th 2011 02:10:58
Me too :)
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Mr Clothmama

Weenie Mandala

Thu July 28th 2011 17:35:28
Love this!!
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