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Little Comfort Bamboo/Cotton Bibs by Little Comfort

Double layer of 70% Bamboo/30% Cotton Fleece. This fabric is really, really soft and silky. Lower edge of bib is PUL, matches the Funky Nappy Wrap prints. A Natural version with no prints can be made which is suitable for sensitive skins.

Lower Panel Options:
PUL Prints:
Ooga Booga Lavendar, Black and White Squiggles, Pink Check, Brown Check, Multicolor Hearts, Pink Paws
Cotton Prints: I have a large stash, so please ask and I can provide pictures of colorway you prefer

Double sided:
Instead of double layer of bamboo/cotton fabric, can be made with one layer of bamboo and another of a cotton print.
Also available in double layer bamboo with no prints or embellishments, suitable for sensitive skins.

Also available in Extra Large Size

Please leave a comment if you want to order or PM me.

Regular size: £7.99
XLarge Size: £9.99 (Really large, ideal for toddlers or small monster eaters!)